Fixer Australia works as a one-stop-shop for foreign media and directors who want to do projects in Australia.

Our production fixers are experienced with both journalists and producers. We can offer services such as location management, research, translation, on-ground assistance and general production support directly. Additionally, we work with local suppliers for services like logistics.

Location Scouting in Australia

Fixer Australia can help with access to a number of locations for documentaries, films and commercials. Our team of production fixers is familiar with both breathtaking natural locations, but also cities and towns that illustrate the Australian way of life.

We can help with location scouting in Australia and our fixers can get the right permits and negotiate fess.

Film Permits in Australia

While authorities and private owners are quite straightforward when it comes to permits, it is always preferable to have locals sorting this.

The process works similarly to anywhere else in the Western World with no single entity in charge with permits. Therefore, getting an approval to film in Australia may involve submitting requests to different entities.

Crew Sourcing in Australia

Given its impressive background in hosting globally known film and TV commercial productions, Australia has a good number of local media professionals. From sound engineers to cameramen and producers, our fixers in Australia can help source any kind of local crew.

Usually the daily rates for crew are comparable to Western Europe. The government tax incentive

Assistance for Journalists

Australians and authorities are very open and permissive with foreign journalists and Australia is 13th in the World Press Freedom Index.

Production Assistance for TV and Film Crews

Local authorities are very open to film and documentary crews and our film fixers in Australia have a good background in dealing with them. Institutions generally cooperate with filmmakers who want to showcase or use the country as a location.

Fixer Australia is ready to assist with getting the right permits for TV and movie crews filming in Australia.