Fixer Australia: Film & Media Production Support


Fixer Australia is a local group of young media professionals with an international background in production and/or journalism. We have a wide range of services and production solutions. We work with filmmakers, TV producers & journalists when covering or filming TV commercials and documentaries in Australia.


Our production fixers specialize location management for any kind of visual productions and sorting general production support. Also, we assist foreign journalists when covering our country. Additionally, we work with trusted local partners to cover needs like logistics and crew sourcing.

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As part of ProductionCenter.TV, we are connected to a global network of trusted media professionals offering local knowledge to journalists, filmmakers and media organizations in general.


Our Australian fixers work in a very flexible way and are able to provide or source a wide range of services including:

– sourcing local crews in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra or other locations

– general production assistance (fixing) in Australia for film, TV & written press

– filming permits  

location management and research


Our colleagues can cover a number of different roles including

– Location scout and location manager for documentaries or TV commercials in Australia

– Production or film fixer in Australia

– Production manager


Most of our fixers are based in Sydney, but we have contacts all around Australia: Melbourne, Canberra, but also smaller and more remote communities.


To prove the quality of our services as the right Australian fixers for TV and production, we are able to provide references upon request from international journalists and filmmakers we have worked with in the past.



If you are a filmmaker, foreign journalist or production company aiming to film or produce a TV commercial in Australia, please drop us a line. We are always happy to help.

Production Services

Corporate Shoots & TV Commercials

Casting, permits, location scouting.

General media support

Australian fixers acting like a one-stop-shop for foreign media.

Film production

Affordable solution independent documentary makers or film producers considering Australia.

Equipment rental & crew hiring

We can help hire experienced local crew.

General local knowledge

Logistics, research, general fixing, production assistance.

Locations: scouting & permits

Our team can arrange release forms, permits and do complete rounds of location scouting.

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